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【Zennin No Ossan, Boukensha Intai Shite Kojiin No Sensei Ni Naru: Elf No Yome To Juujin Youjo-tachi To Tanoshiku Kurashite Masu】

善人のおっさん、冒険者を引退して孤児院の先生になる エルフの嫁と獣人幼女たちと楽しく暮らしてます, Zennin No Ossan, Boken Sha Wo Intai Shite Koji in No Sensei Ni Naru Elf No Yome to Shishi Jin Yojo Tachi to Tanoshiku Kurashiteimasu


Jiro is a former veteran adventurer who decided to retire due to a serious injury in the past.He goes on an aimless solo journey to start his second life, and ends up having a fateful reunion…! He met Colette, an elf who was his childhood teacher and his first love!!Although she is poor, Jiro runs her own orphanage, so Jiro tries to help her by using her special ability [copying objects and magic], but…? A fun, warm, soothing and slow life begins!