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Isekai de Shippai Shinai 100 no Houhou

A Hundred Methods for Success in Another World, Isekai de Shippai Shinai 100 no Houhou, 在异世界不失败的一百种方法, 異世界で失敗しない100の方法


To Chie Souma, a female college student, every day feels depressing when she has no luck with job hunting. She’d much rather end up in an alternate universe, just like in her beloved tripping into another world novels… Just as she was dreaming of escaping this reality, one day she actually trips into another world! It might be too dangerous in a female body to survive in this world. Chie decides to use the knowledge that she’s gained from reading, lie about her gender, and become “Souma the scholar”, but—!? A manga adaptation of a strategy manual style fantasy.